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36 Card Slots Card Holder Long Wallet (RFID)

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Introducing 36 Card Slots RFID Blocking Wallet. No, it's not just another wallet in your closet. This stylish wallet has enough rooms for all your cash, coins, 36 cards, phone and passport combined while keeping things organized!  Infused with the latest state-of-the-start RFID blocking technology, this exclusive wallet keeps your personal data safe from electronic pickpocketing wherever you go. Hands down, this is the only wallet you'll ever need to carry in this modern era of technology. 

✅ No More Multiple Wallets

Designed with separate compartments for 2 money pockets, 36 card slots and 2 bill slots, you can now carry your cash, coins, passport, receipts/bills and even your smartphone all in one wallet, confidently conveniently. No more multiple wallets, no more clutter in your bag. 

✅ Keeps Your Data Safe

Did you know that thieves these days can steal your card information electronically just by standing next to you or walking by without even making physical contact? With the latest proprietary RFID blocking technology, this modern wallet will block all electromagnetic fields and prevent any data transfer between your cards and RFID scanners. So, you can be at ease wherever you go because you know that your data is 100% safe and protected with this wallet. 

✅ Matches Your Unique Style

Keep your data safe in style. Comes in 5 gorgeous colors, so you can choose the ones that match your style and personality best! 

✅ Long-lasting, Stylish and Functional

Crafted with high-quality metallic zipper and premium PU leather material, this wallet won't give you stuck zippers or ripped linings. It is purposedly built to last against times and seasons. The best part? No matter how rough your days get, you'll never be burdened by its weight. 

Trusted By 74,895+ Happy Customers Worldwide

A portion of our profit will be donated to Mйdecins Sans Frontiиres. By purchasing this item, you help delivering emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural or man-made disasters.




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47 reviews

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What Our Customers Say

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47 reviews

Crystal E.

“Such a fantastic color!! And literally fits all my cards, and my phone!! It's exactly what I wanted. The quality is amazing. I can tell it's really going to last. If your looking for a wallet that will hold all your stuff this is it!!”


Ginger T.

“Keep all cards in the safe that I don't carry in my bill folder in this large wallet. It work perfectly. When I'm traveling, I carry certain cards that I don't carry at home. I open the safe and put out the cards I will need. This is a great wallet to have to keep all hotels cards.”

Diane W.

“I liked everything about this wallet, it’s very sturdy and well made. I bought it because I had lots of credit cards and important business cards I don’t use and was putting them in a large change purse. I was able to organize the cards and I had more slots left. Yay, I finally found a wallet to hold everything!”

Will C.

“This wallet has been so helpful keeping my cards organized. I cannot believe I did not buy this sooner. My previous wallet barely closed with all the cards I had, and I even stacked the cards vertical!”


Christy Y.

“this wallet fits an amazing amount of credit cards, IDs, etc...all the stuff you cram into a wallet and end up searching through. I have spaces even for gift cards, loyalty cards, business cards...and there are still more spaces! I love that it zips up (My last wallet had space but didn't zip up, my cards literally fell out), that all the cards are visible, the pocket inside holds plenty of receipts. And it is a beautiful/fun color.”


Nancy H.

“It’s not too thick nor too thin. There are two pockets on each side for cash or receipts plus there is space for your phone if it does not have a case on it. I have the iPhone Pro Max and it fits perfect and I am able to zip it with no problem. Now I have a habit of attaching my keys to my wallet and the zipper can not handle the weight so it will not zip properly. The solution is to zip the wallet close and then attach your keys.:

Diana F.

“I have been looking for a wallet like this for a long time and I found it in this the way the cards sit up right and you don't have to take your wallet apart looking for the card you want to use while at the store. Keeps everything right at your fingertips for ease of use.”

Susan R.

“Plenty big enough for what I needed it for. Nicely made. LOVE this item. I have a lot of credit cards. This wallet holds them ALL!!”

Rachel R.

“For this not being designer this wallet is hands down amazing! I would recommend it for anyone who has a lot of cards and wants to be organized.”

Patricia B.

“Amazing how much it can hold. Great product. Soft leather, great zipper. This is the greatest thing ever! Everybody who sees this wants to know how to get one!!”

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